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Procurement: The Valuable Ally

In this, ‘the Age of Disruption’, CMOs are expected to find their way through an array of obstacles that seem to change shape and direction at a moment’s notice. 

This complex landscape forms the backdrop of the RightSpend Empowering CMOs report. We spoke to 500 Marketing decision-makers to understand how they are approaching these challenges and what plans they have for the future. 

The report revealed not only how agile and innovative these approaches are but also the invaluable role that Marketing Procurement plays in enabling and empowering the CMO.

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Empowering CMOs


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Thumbnail- 3 priorities for the CPO & CMO in the face of recession-1

3 Priorities for the CPO & CMO in the face of  recession

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Transparency & Clarity: Why are we STILL talking about it?

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Building trust & transparency via strategic partnerships

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Bridging the Gap - Transforming Collaboration

DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER  2020 Fine-Tuned Marketing Procurement

Getting the right agency service at the right price

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Growing agency relationships whilst making savings

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Changing Landscapes: Fine-Tuning Marketing Procurement

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Insiders Guide:
Brand & Agency Contract Terms

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